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Full Version: Multiple prefixes
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i was wondering if its possible to add more than one prefix to a thread, e.g.:

Thread Name: This bug is on page 3

Admin edits thread to:
[New Issue][Not Fixed]This bug is on page 3

^^Pretty much this, any idea if this is somehow doable right now or would i need to make some changes OR would this be too much work, so better as plugin?
Multiple prefixes are not available in core.
You can do this with xThreads.
A simple guide would be really nice Smile
I am still looking for this, how do you do this with xthreads?
That tutorial seems a bit outdated, some fields don't even exist in the "add thread field".
Also what would happen with existing prefixes which u added trough mybb?

Is there no other way, by changing core files for example? This seems quite difficult.
^ required fields are added by using the XThreads plugin.
can't really say that the guidance is outdated. however needs a closer look ..