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Full Version: BBCodes
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Hi I changed the board from PHPBB to MYBB

and it seems the bbcodes have not mergedĀ 

an example of this is on

I am one of the admins for the site

I moved from 3.1.8 of phpbb the only addons I can mind were a portal one and one for login and tapatalk
Hi there,

It looks like this is actually an issue with smilies (which we don't convert from phpBB) rather than BBCode in general. Unfortunately, we haven't found a good way to convert phpBB's smilies code to the MyBB equivalent (phpBB stores that data in a rather unusual way). We apologize for the inconvenience, because that certainly looks quite messy and difficult to read.

If there's any other way we can help you, please let us know!

Josh Harmon