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Full Version: reputation/javascript not working
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Hey guys,

How come javascript decided to not work anymore? There is nothing I did other than installing a new PM plugin (edit: and UA-Messages which I completely uninstalled) recently.

I think it worked before I installed it? It's either that or it randomly stopped working because there is nothing else I've done...

I uninstalled the plugins, but reputation or quick reply or any javascript stuff are still not working.

Any chance someone could take a look at it?

Edit: I can't even move threads ??

Little bump. I have no knowledge in javascript what so ever, I need someone to take a look at this for sure!
you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check it

Edit: is xmlhttp request feature enabled ?
forum admin panel >> Configuration (settings) >> Server and Optimization Options >>
Enable XMLHttp request features?



Yes, it is enabled.
PM'd you the info for acces.


Problem has been solved thanks to .m. Smile