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Full Version: Forum Restriction to certain users
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I have a questions related to rights for "members" and "awaiting activation".
I have the Forum "Recruitment" and a thread there with a template how they need to apply to the guild Smile.

I have the forum visible and guests/members/awaiting activation can post a thread with their application.

Can I make the threads (the applications) within that forum visible only to "Moderators" and up ? and only the Recruitment Template Thread visible.

Thank you Smile.
looks like you are in need of a private section where
thread starters can view own threads & staff can view all threads in the forum

for that see this guidance
.m. - thank you very much. I've done that to forum. But I have the thread template there, could i make it visible to everyone ? only that thread within the forum ?

^ if you use a forum announcement then that should be visible to all
Coool. Got it. Thank you very much Smile.