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Full Version: missing {$collapsedthead['quickreply']}
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missing {$collapsedthead['quickreply']} in showthread_quickreply and private_quickreply
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If you know how to fix it, just create a PR and an issue on GitHub
Could you please elaborate on the issue?

ok start by global.php line 1081
$collapsed = array('boardstats' => '', 'boardstats_e' => '', 'quickreply' => '', 'quickreply_e' => '');

now mybb_theme.xml index_boardstats template line 4293
<td class="thead{$collapsedthead['boardstats']}">
boardstats ok

now mybb_theme.xml private_quickreply template line 10156
<td class="thead" colspan="2">
private_quickreply missing {$collapsedthead['quickreply']}

now mybb_theme.xml showthread_quickreply template line 11523
<td class="thead" colspan="2">
showthread_quickreply missing {$collapsedthead['quickreply']}
Now I see your point, good catch. You have posted a PR already, so an issue should be created too