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Full Version: How to Change Colors On A Theame ?
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Hello This Is Prob Very easy but how do i change the color on a Theame ?
Depending on what theme.
(2016-08-24, 12:25 PM)http:// Wrote: [ -> ]Depending on what theme.

Just The IGame Theame ?
No Support
(2016-08-24, 11:34 AM)BlAd911 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello This Is Prob Very easy but how do i change the color on a Theame ?

Registerd yesterday. If you are the same user -

and you have not taken steps to rectify your non-compliance, you should not be asking for support here.
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Hmm Looks Like the same.

(2016-08-24, 11:34 AM)BlAd911 Wrote: [ -> ]Hello This Is Prob Very easy but how do i change the color on a Theame ?
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We're done here. OP is a clear duplicate account trying to evade support denial.