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Full Version: Get Google Recaptcha Image to work
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I had it working and did not change anything  was gone 2 days and came back now have lots of new members but that is unusual. So I tried out the reg. and when I got to the google recaptcha all that works is check I am not a robot and no image. How can I make it appear?

that check box is normal for No Captcha recaptcha method
it is expected to be easy for humans & hard for the bots.

if you want to use the reCaptcha image then you can change the registration captcha method

forum Admin Panel >> Configuration >> General Configuration >> CAPTCHA Images for Registration & Posting

more details => CAPTCHA Images for Registration & Posting
That is the way I do have it set..No Captcha / No Recaptcha on image display.. So the image appears after refreshing the page several times. At times right away so now I am beginning to think it may be my host. Not sure why is is intermittent.
Grrrrrrrr I have tried everything, guess I will have to try something else Sad I like the google puzzle recaptcha