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Full Version: Limit posts without affecting thread count
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hey how could i Limit posts but not threads ( when i set for exemple 2 as limits from mybb settings it affect posting in general -posts-threads i want to set limit only for posts) thanks

help needed please
please any help its a problem Sad
Have you tried to limit the posting through permissions? You can set the permissions for each group post threads and post replies there.. Is that what you are looking for?
yup not that i didnt find its only for setting if they can post or not
im looking for limit for exemple every new member can post up to 2 posts per day and can post unlimited number of threads i mean he can post only replies per day
Try this plugin, you will need to change the compatibility to 1.8
tried it and i have installed it but nothing changed i changed the time limit in seconds but still there is no limit
still did not get any solu Sad any help