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Full Version: Guest After login
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Problem #1
After logging in the welcome bar still says Welcome Guest. And only provides Guest permissions. Once I click the home button (the logo) THEN it gives me the Welcome (username) and then functions properly. 

Any ideas as to why it is doing this?

Problem #2
Also on my "Post a new Tread"  the Post Icons are showing the missing images image for all my post along with my Smiles doing the same thing.
In ACP -> Configuration -> Settings -> Site details

What do have for 

1) Cookie Domain

Should be

2) Cookie Path

Should be /
OK i will try that real quick

Thank you Problem #1 solved!

Now for #2...

I think godaddy installed it without all the files it looks like. I just used their App install

I doubt this is normal after a fresh install....

See attached picture.

attached now
The files that display missing, that's normal i.e it's normal to delete the install folder after installation.