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Full Version: Looking for dev
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I have a theme installed but I am looking for someone active and reliable to help me polish up my forum. I have a small checklist of changes to be made and don't know how to do them myself.

I pay well. 

List of what I need done:
- Priority #1: My editior for threads/posts is terrible. Horribly broken and hard to use and loaded with bugs I need to get this fixed ASAP
- The pop up messages that display after completing each action are annoying to my users and i'd like them removed
- Report button is not doing anything / not functional
- when you insert [code] it is white on white and hard to edit (my forum is grey)
- When inserting video the :hover and :focus color of selection is white on white, confusing.

Please reply or PM if you can do this  Smile
Memphis , Take me . I am the famous and known web developer and designer . I can work with You . I have great testimonials . Also For Further Info reply back .
I have sent you a PM @Memphis10. Smile
Added a list of what I needed done. I responded to all the PM's

I want to get this done as soon as possible. Whoever can get back to me first will get the job. I prefer messaging over Skype (no mic required)
i can do this job . Pm me please or email me @ [email protected]com
I have sent you a PM Smile