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Full Version: Custom Template W/ PHP Code?
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Hey guys, I'm still very new to MyBB but chose it because of its freedom regarding customizability, I want to be able to easily add my own code.  I've gottten simple things like variables to run in templates, but I've been running into trouble with adding conditionals and statements.

I noticed a PHP plugin on a hacking forum but that slows down performance so why bother? I'm sure the safest thing I could probably do is develop plugins but does anyone have an alternative to this?

I've had a lot of troubles with this, thanks for being cool guys Cool
The only other alternative that i can think of, and that's within the scope of general support, would be the plugin MyBB patches. It allows you to make core code edits and manage them from the ACP.
(09-11-2016, 06:14 AM)mrmod Wrote: [ -> ]MYBB Runs On PHP

How is this at all relevant to the question?