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Full Version: Deleted Default Theme :/
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I don't know if this is affecting it, but I cannot force themes on users and I cannot set the default theme. I did Delete Default, if that is the cause is there a way to fix without reinstalling?
Click on the Theme Selector on the on the "DO NOT SELECT".

That is the default without the "MyBB logo".
It's definitely affecting me, I can't use the theme selector without placing a theme "DO NOT SELECT"

Can anyone provide an xml for the default theme or something?

No no, I made DO NOT SELECT just then, I'm trying to make t22 the default. I accidentally deleted default

I don't want the default :/ I want the default to stop being the default. There is nothing I haven't done to try and fix this

I should mention the Theme is Project #2 by dev? anyhow, it's frustrating as I think I caused this

Phillup buddy me and pm when you have done so i can pm you

I need someone to export and upload they're default for me :/
Quote:Can anyone provide an xml for the default theme or something?

You could just redownload a fresh zip of mybb to get anything default that you deleted
The default theme XML is in the install package under install/resources/mybb_theme.xml
This is my default, but i dont what version you are using

Its a good habbit to not delete files, but to rename them to something that will never be loaded. I usually instead of deleting server files, will do a name change such as

/etc/apache2/apache2.conf -> /etc/apache2/apache2OLD.conf

In that way i know 
1) what the original name and extension was
2) it wont be a name that is loaded
3) I can easily reinstate the same file by removing "OLD" and deleting the other file i created (or renaming that as well).
Thanks guys. I'll go with ashelys suggestion first. If it works ill give the rep. I know its generally not good practice, but for all intense and purposes, It wasn't intentional, It was actually me not paying attention and deleting the wrong theme.
I have deleted the default theme and template set in my installation, it's not a problem to get it back, even without the XML file. There are options to create new theme and add template set in ACP that will bring the default set back.
Is this default? I didn't delete master style thing

I Imported the xml file with the name Default and removed "DO NO SELECT" and hit force on users again but I'm still coming back to the same problem...

Nevermind, it appears to have been fixed now. Thank you very much guys
Yes it is. I don't know what you mean, when you open your site, it opens on the default theme.
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