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Full Version: <style> in posts
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I have searched through the threads, Google, other MyBB boards, and tried everything I could find but nothing is working. I want to be able to do basically with the DoHTML tag does on IPB - just without the monthly fee. My friends and I want to use the templates that a lot of the role play games use for posts, applications, timelines, etc.

I've read and tried the directions here: Because I'm using 1.8, I couldn't find the same lines. I poked around a bit and couldn't find anything. I even tried to install 1.6 and follow the guidelines to make it work but nothing did.

I've looked at xThreads and I don't see anything about custom templates in posts, or the ability to let <style> tags work. If it does, I must have missed it Sad

I've installed and worked with the HTML in Posts plugin. It didn't work how I needed.

I have even found a work around with MyCode and letting <style> tags work in posts. It can make the templates work somewhat but not 100%.

This thread had some good information that helped me but I would need to make a MyCode entry for every template and that wouldn't help those that don't have access to MyCode.

I'm hoping that someone would know how I could edit the MyBB code to let the style tags work. For the most part, the HTML part of the templates seem to work fine. I read (I can't find the post now) that MyBB stripes the <style> from posts so I'm hoping there is a way to make it stop. I'm hoping it is something simple like editing the files and not a custom plugin but I'm open to every suggestion right now. I've been trying to figure this out for several days.

I know it is a security risk to have HTML and CSS in posts but I'm going to close the forum to registration so it's just myself and friends.

If anybody is able to help me, or point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!  Smile
Remove |style from to prevent the parser from escaping <style> tags;
add |style to similar lists in these lines to let the parser remove unnecessary HTML line breaks and spaces that might break the CSS code.
Thank you! I will give it a try.