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Full Version: Does Anyone Remember how to enable email notifications?
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I actually disabled it and can't quite remember how I even did it. Help is much appreciated
Website link?

Hi alfred702, it appears you have not provided a link to your site in any threads. I am requesting that you provide the link before being given further support
Thank you alfred702
Please remember that if you remove the branding at any time, you may be denied support.
Please see to this imgur pic for your solution, I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. Please let me know if you have any complications.
User CP -> Your Profile - Edit options
None of these things worked. I disabled sending of emails to registered users for site events by default.
Switch it back on a test? Lol

(09-13-2016, 12:40 PM)Ashley1 Wrote: [ -> ]User CP -> Your Profile - Edit options

Probably the better answer, Im not 100% understanding your dilemma