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Full Version: Editor Buttons There And Gone
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So I've been having some issues with my editor buttons. 

I'm referring to the buttons that you see when you post a new thread or reply... alignment, links, php, text size/color... all that stuff. 

My buttons seem to break from time to time. If I go back into the ACP and simply click save on the "Save Theme Properties", they come back after a simple refresh of the page.

I've tried changing the buttons and it still does it after a little while. There doesn't seem to be a time limit that they'll stay up that I can figure. Could be minutes, hours, days... but they eventually break. 

When I say break I mean that the bar stays there, but the icons all get replaced with boxes, hearts, arrows... random stuff it seems like. 

Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can maybe do to fix it?
I grabbed a screen shot of what I'm seeing this morning. I've tried switching editor themes a few times and it's not fixing anything today.

It also seems to take several attempts to get anything in the Themes section to save... I have to select the option I want and save the page several times for the changes to actually take effect.