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Full Version: Not allow guest onto pagemanager pages
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I have a few extra pages with pagemanager that i added to my toplinks




I would like to stop guests from going to these and just show an error that you have to be registered. How can this be done?

I found half a solution but not all. Its only for one page, and that is because its a php page. The other two: one is a cgi script and the other is a link to another page. In which i want all 3 blocked to guests. 

Anyways the php page blocked via, adding to the top of php page


It would be nice if page manager mod had the option to select each page to be viewed by members and guest or just members.

I modified it so the toplink go to a php file with a check for user member, then redirects them to the proper page. This appears to the user to work, but we all know the guests can go to the page directly (if they find it) and use it anyways.
Convert the remaining pages to PHP pages.
One of them is a python cgi script that i want to remain as a python script. and the other is just a link to another site.