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Full Version: Numbers instead of domain name/forums
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Hey, I was wondering about this since I have been trying to resolve this issue for two days now. Might be easy, but I have never done this before.

Here is the problem:

Whenever I try to login on my domain I type in the username and password and hit "Login" After that the page refreshes and goes back to not being logged in, but if I click on an account for example mine. I will go to that page with the IP of the website. 

Anything to fix this issue. Thank you!!
I had this issue too, uninstall MyBB and reinstall it. If it does not work, then contact your host and ask them to factory restore everything to when the account was first made, and then install MyBB again.

That's a bit harsh, but it fixed it for me.
You just need to change your forum URL and cookie settings to match your domain. There's no need to reference your site's IP address at all.