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Full Version: Actual rss feeds
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I hate the php script that is the rss feed,  my not can't read it.  Maybe go back to the old way instead of the php script.
MyBB supports both RSS 2.00 and Atom 1.0. What do you mean by the "old way"? Regardless of whether it's a static file or dynamically generated by PHP, the RSS feeds are valid and work just fine.
[Image: 2016_09_16_14.23.50.png]

Seems like it doesn't work for me, try a rss feed without a php script.
what does 'actual rss feeds' mean anyway?
It might be CloudFlare or something blocking access, but it's not a MyBB issue. MyBB produces valid RSS feeds and they work just fine.
Come to my discord server and run your res feed, it's not working.
Check your access logs. You'll probably see a 403 status code for the requests. Unless it shows a 200 status code, it's not a MyBB issue.
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