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Full Version: When using CDN, jscripts aren't updated in ACP!
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I recently setup MyBB to use a CDN and it's been working fine, however in the ACP:

- jquery.js
- jquery.plugins.min.js
- general.js

are not loaded from CDN Sad

I had to manually set them to load from CDN by editing the php, but I think it would be convenient if they loaded from the CDN.
Strange, the theme's templates should load them from the CDN. Are you using a custom theme? it could be that it wasn't updated to use "{$mybb->asset_url}".
I should really get around to fixing that...
+1... Smile
This can be closed
Yes, as we've agreed that the ACP shouldn't make use of the CDN in case the CDN is down for some reason, I'm closing this.