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Full Version: Mybb google SEO Admin Panel
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Hi all,

Could you please help me with this issue? 

Since I installed this SEO plugin (about a year ago) I've been having extremely long loading time with my admin panel (see below), everything else works fine.

I've been looking to solve this for months but couldn't find anything. 

My host is fine, and I narrowed the issue down to the Admin Panel (no matter which tab) when This plugin is installed, I must also say that uninstalling it is not a solution as many of my links are already indexed. 

[Image: Q9gu6Nh.png]
[Image: hl0VT53.png]

Album here

This should be the $db->table_exists("google_seo") query, it's extremely unusual for such a query that simply checks table existance, to take so long.

 * Checks if the module is already installed.
 * @return True if the plugin is installed, else false.
function google_seo_plugin_is_installed()
    global $db;

    return $db->table_exists("google_seo");

Then again I can't see this query anywhere... are you using postgresql or something? MySQL does "SHOW TABLES LIKE 'google_seo'" and this query takes like 0.00x seconds.
Are you using MyBB 1.8.6?

There was a bug in MyBB 1.8.6 that was fixed in 1.8.7
I use MySQL.

Is it posible that because im on a shared host that query is querying the whole MySQL server instead of my DB only?

Correct me if I'm wrong but if the case is that I have tons of tables, that query wil look one by one to see if that's the one that is needed. Can we instead of ask for that, point it straight to my Google so table?


(10-08-2016, 08:13 AM)limu Wrote: [ -> ]Are you using MyBB 1.8.6?

There was a bug in MyBB 1.8.6 that was fixed in 1.8.7

Yeah I did that, nothing changed.
With MySQL this is not a query by Google SEO itself...

Are you using any other plugins too?

Somehow the forum won't let me edit ...

anyway it seems you are using buggy version of mybb
I was indeed an issue with 1.8.6, thank you all for quick reply.