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Full Version: Can't assign moderator permissions to imported users
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I seem to have a problem with setting up moderators on my forum. Administrators and Supermoderators work fine, they are able to do everything. However, I've set up a test user to be a moderator on a given forum, and he can only WARN others, even though I've given him full moderation permissions for that forum.

In other words:
Under FORUMS AND POSTS -> Forum_name -> OPTIONS -> MODERATORS -> ADD A USER AS MODERATOR -> all moderator permissions are enabled.

The user has been assigned the "moderators" group (this group was renamed and edited on my forum). He can warn users and nothing else. What's worse, I only wanted him to be able to warn users on the forum on which he is a moderator - he can warn everywhere instead.


Well, I've found the source of the problem.
Most of the forums and users on the forum were manually imported to the database (using Excel!) from a completely different forum with a different software.

I've now added a fresh new forum and assigned a moderator to it - his permissions work all right.

Is there any way I can properly assign moderator permissions to those old imported forums?
I just check this on my forum and it's the same as you describe,
Im pretty sure it's default anyway you can disable manager warning through :
Users & Groups -> Groups -> Edit ManagersGroup -> Users and Permissions -> Warning System
but then he wont be able to warn in the forum he's managing , anyway if i'll find a solution i'll share it with you .
Yeah, warning is the most important moderation tool on my forum. I just wanted it to be limited to the forum a user is moderating.
What about the other functions (editing, moving, deleting)? Are you saying you have the same problem?

EDIT: found the reason, put it in the OP

...aaaaand solved
The problem was caused by incorrectly set perentlists (they need to include the forum itself for some reason).