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Full Version: handling more than one theme
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So when you install a new you have the default and the new theme CSS and templates. 

If you had already made a number of changes to the default templates at this can you align them so the new theme will take to these changes as well?

I made a lot of changes to default templates...and then added a theme. Now i am struggling to go through and add the template changes for the new theme....i cant remember all the changes. There are some plugin that used the global templates and some that have not. I am assuming these global templates are across all themes?

I just realized you can switch a theme to use the default template...this works in some ways. I have things that i do need to change with a dark theme that i would like its own templates for. Is there anyway to copy over all templates from the default to the theme templates all at once? Then i would be able to just midify the dark theme template of odds and ends.