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Full Version: Require manual approval of first 5 posts?
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Is there a plugin or built in feature that would allow me to require that a user's first 5 posts are manually approved by a staff member before appearing on the site? At the moment I'm experiencing major problems with spam signups (I am using NoCaptchaReCaptcha so it's manual signups too!) and I need a way to stop it. I am also utilizing the StopForumSpam Database and got an API Key for use with the Purge Spammer feature and I set that up and I'm successfully submitting entries to their database. That being said is that feature available and do you have any extra advice for my forum and stopping spam?
Go to AdminCP

Go to Users & Groups > Groups > Add New User Group
- Fill all the fields
- copy the permissions from registered

Go to Users & Groups > Groups > Choose the Registered group > Forums and Posts
-Scroll down to Moderation Options and check Moderate New Posts / Moderate New Threads

Now go back to Users & Groups > Group Promotions > Add New Promotion
- Give the promotion a title and description
- Promotion Requirements: Post Count
- Post count: 5 (Greater than or equal to)
- New user group: The new group you had made
- Usergroup change type: Primary usergroup
- Everything else you can leave as is

What this will do is, users in the registered group will have their posts monitored until they reach 5 posts. Once they have reached the 5 posts, they will then be moved to the new usergroup you had created (no monitoring).

Also I should mention that group promotions aren't immediate. It takes a 10 minutes or a little more before it updates the users group.

Tornado Mitr

Following up what Sharree said, you could go to ACP > Tools & Maintenance > Task Manager and turn "Group Promotions" to any time you want from once per year or once per minute Smile
Thank you for your help with this Smile