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Full Version: remove copyright symbol
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In mybb editor if you type ( c ) without spaces, you get the copyright symbol. ©  I would like to remove this...but i do not know how?
Quote:Don't do the ( )

This would of course work. But the reason i want to remove it is because i am using a different codebox for a syntax highlighter. When someone puts code in such as
def func(c): pass
it destroys the content of the codebox by replacing it with the symbol.

            //$standard_mycode['copy']['regex'] = "#\(c\)#i";
            //$standard_mycode['copy']['replacement'] = "©";

            //$standard_mycode['tm']['regex'] = "#\(tm\)#i";
            //$standard_mycode['tm']['replacement'] = "™";

            //$standard_mycode['reg']['regex'] = "#\(r\)#i";
            //$standard_mycode['reg']['replacement'] = "®";
thank you