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Full Version: Deleted MyBB, but not the DataBase
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Hey folks,
I made a big mistake when I was in FileZilla, (after one too many Budweiser's).  I meant to delete another website of mine, but instead, deleted all of the MyBB files and folders from my forum website.  Now, I still have the DB to my MyBB forum.  I tried re-installing a new copy of MyBB using the old DB info, and the only thing it brought back was the logo image from my forum.  Any ideas?   Thanks much.
Do you have a backup copy of the public_html (or folder where everything was installed) saved somewhere? If not there really isn't much you can do to easily fix this.

The only other option is to upload all the files again and reinstall (or recreate) your themes/mods. Though it might suck and be kinda time consuming at the very least you still have the database.
I think you can restore your forum. First make a fresh installation of MyBB with a new database. After installation change your database info to old one Big Grin I think it will work. Because I have done this before, actually I also had a problem like yours Wink
(2016-10-14, 05:49 PM)error Wrote: [ -> ]I tried re-installing a new copy of MyBB using the old DB info

This was the bigger mistake really, doing this overwrote your database. All "installing" does is create the database tables and populate them, so if you had that already, you just needed to upload the files again and manually populate your config.php file to point to the database. However if you've actually run the install script again, and used the same database, unless you have a database backup, you'll have lost the database too. The install process should warn you when you try and install over an existing forum though, did you see this message?