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Full Version: Unable to login in Fresh Copy of MyBB 1.8.7 not even in admin panel
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So I already have mybb but I installed a new one for new forum. Using Softalous but soon I installed it I got no error and enter my credentials in the forum and it takes me to success redirect. But back again with login page.

The same thing happen with my admin page as well.

I cant login anywhere on my forum.
have you seen faq on login .. can we have your forum url ..

I am unable to login to my forum, not even in admin panel.
cookie domain should be
I'd suggest to use board url without www (i.e.

first change them in ~/inc/settings.php file
AND then at Site Details page of configuration section in forum admin panel

you may have to clear your browser cookies (link available here)
and close & reopen your browser to check the login process.
Thanks try that and let you know Smile