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Full Version: Mass Mailing is überslow
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When i want to send a mass mail "immediately" it doesnt, it took like 10 min for the 1 mail i wanted sent to myself for testing, is this built into MyBB or is it my Host that throttles ?
MyBB will send it immediately, but when it gets processed by the mail server and processed by your email provider is beyond our control. Are you using shared hosting? Shared hosts could have thousands of emails in the mailqueue for the whole server which get sent out slowly to avoid being blacklisted. The only place MyBB will "throttle" the sending of mass mails is when the task runs to send them normally - it'll send them in batches every time the task runs, but that still only gets them as far as the mailqueue on your server.

Or, if you use SMTP mail that may be quicker, as sends via the email provider whereas PHP mail is processed by the server.
Im using SMTP through my host, so i guess its my host, i have asked them about this too just waiting for an answer Big Grin

"No we are not throttling mails can you post mail headers ?"

Is the answer i got, whatever that means :/
My mails are still "Queued" and its been about 30 min now
Yeah that's because the task isn't running, it runs when you visit the front end and the task is due to run. If you run the task manually in the Tasks section of the ACP it will send them out. When the mass mail says "immediately", it means as in not in 2 weeks time or something, they still only physcially get sent when the task runs.
Thanks, running it manually works great Big Grin
Rejecting as it's not a bug