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Full Version: https:// and www. logged in and out
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If i access my page only through https:// im not logged in and i cant log in but if i change to https://www. it shows im logged in, whats going on ? My Hosting says its MyBB-settings that needs fixing.

It sounds like your cookie settings might be the problem. What's your URL?

If your cookie domain is set to "", the cookies storing the fact you're logged in will only be accessible on www.

Usually it's recommended that you force people to view either the "www" version or the "non-www" version rather than allowing access to both. Having both will also cause problems with Google having duplicate content.
I have forced redirect in .htaccess to so im hoping it will push people to www. version instead of https:// even if they try to go there manually ?

I currently have "Cookie Domain" on MyBB set to Blank
maybe you have conflicting cookies that mybb itself won't update due to wrong settings...

set the correct cookie domain and change the cookie prefix to something you didn't use before. (basically every time you change your cookie settings, you should also change the prefix)

that will log out everyone once but then they should be able to login and everything should work, provided your .htaccess is redirecting everyone to the correct domain.
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board URL can be set to and you can redirect www url to non-www url