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Full Version: No Showing Board setting 1.8
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HELP ME NO showing board setting
[Image: 1ac7ccee098aab37b3affe609c3bd137.jpg]

Are all the files present inside admin folder of MyBB ?
Can you do a file verification in Tools section to verify it.
All the settings and their groups are stored in your database, I'd recommend accessing your data base and looking for mybb_settings & mybb_settinggroups, If they aren't there I could make a sql file of my tables and give it to you, The only problem with this is that some things would need to be modified so you can use it to your liking.
مەعین هی ئەوەیە هۆستەکەت فریە.
Becouse You Installing Script In Free Hosting Right?
I have This problem too.
I have This problem too. Free Hosting