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Full Version: SMTP Mailing works on freshly MyBB, but not on original MyBB.
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Edit: Nevermind, the problem was most probably because it takes time to synchronize MyBB's settings with the webhost. I left it for a bit and suddenly the mailing started to work, which is perfect. Also, sent straight to the inbox!

Hello all.

Previously I installed MyBB on my local machine, used localhost pretty much for everything and eventually decided to release the forum to the public. Before anything, I want to set it all up to work properly, and am stumbling on issues with mailing overall.

I use as host provider and have acquired my SMTP credentials and all. I moved all forum files using FTP and uploaded the previously backed-up database file to the host's database and it all works as intended it seems.

Given the problem, I tried installing MyBB in a separate folder, so I have a fresh installation to work with and there I used the exact same SMTP settings, which worked when I tried to register.

I get no error logs when sending over SMTP in my original forum, so that just leaves me even more clueless as to what is happening and why it is happening.

In summary, I use the same SMTP settings both on my original forum and on a newly-created forum. The new one mails without issues, the original does not. I transferred the original forum by taking all files and sending via ftp. Downloaded database and then uploaded to the host.