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Full Version: I need Android app for my forum.
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What do I need to do? or any web that can help building it
Have a look at tapatalk
I would advise tapatalk, depending on your needs. You should however be aware of security issues surrounding the application:

They do have a past history of not informing users of security threats.
With that said though, it is a good application, and the security issues mentioned are past references. Just exercise caution with use (as you should do anyway).
I'll suggest you to not use tapatalk and its alternatives regarding security issues and these are also resource hogs, if anyone can make a API plugin to fetch all required details then someone can try to code a android app with the help of API. Just till why don't you make a mobile app with default location to your forum(just like a browser but without a URL input bar or anything just a single web URL of your forum maybe you can try it with ionic framework.