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Full Version: All Images broken in posts and sigs
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I'm having a catastrophe over here. All images in posts and sigs have been replaced with [Image: image_url], where the url is a working link to the correct image. The images are showing up just fine in the post editor!

AND the images work fine when I log out. They are only broken for logged-in users! And then ONLY some of them! One normal user can't view them, another one can!

What I did today is I installed a new theme, which I then gutted for its css (cleared as much as I could) so that it serves as a theme for bots. What I did yesterday is set up Cloudflare for the domain. Those are the only two major changes I can think of and I'm not sure at which point exactly did the images stop working.

What could have gone wrong? Please help, my forum is HEAVILY image-oriented.

The forum url is
Seems to work fine for me. Can you link to an example post?
Ah, I was afraid this was some weird local thing.

this  post contains images, which for me are displayed as [obrazek: image_url] ("obrazek" is Polish for "image").

AGHHH all images are working fine for me in IE! They're broken in Chrome.
For one user they are broken in ALL his browsers (all 7 of them!).

ALRIGHT this is SUPER weird.

The images are ok when I log out! When I log back in, I can't see them! So this is a usergroup thing?

ALright, here's the problem: "show images in threads" was disabled in my UCP.
This option was enabled in the morning today so someone is taking a piss here?