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Full Version: Moderator in PHP
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Moderator in PHP?
if ($mybb->user['ismoderator'])
I tried with:
if($mybb->user['uid'] && $mybb->user['moderator'])
but nothing
P.S. I'm sorry for this thread because I created other threads about registered users but it is big problem. Wink
To determine if someone is a moderator, I test if the user can use the Mod CP.

// Moderator
// Not a moderator
Think there's also is_moderator?
(2016-10-31, 01:34 PM)Matt Wrote: [ -> ]Think there's also is_moderator?

Yes, but this is a func is_moderator()

Uwazaj bo bedzie ban
(2016-10-31, 04:46 PM)Supryk Wrote: [ -> ]Uwazaj bo bedzie ban

To do mnie?
Matt Wrote:Think there's also is_moderator?
But I prefer with canmodcp
(2016-11-01, 07:18 AM)CezPlayer Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-10-31, 04:46 PM)Supryk Wrote: [ -> ]Uwazaj bo bedzie ban

To do mnie?
raczej tak, please use English

//why u are put settings in mcp?
I think he wants modify something. Not definitely. He wants to develop anyhow.
Those people who have access to MCP, they see something
@X3nO Jak widzę, że jesteś z Polski, nie będę pisał po angielsku. 
So, modify template?

This is eng support, lang english and write english.
Not important
Thread is resolved