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Full Version: Is there a way (Login)
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Is there a way that once someone logs in to the forum, their login can be saved (for lets say 30 days) so if they come into the forum again, they won't have to login in again?
Register and task to delete acount after 30 days
Sorry perhaps I didn't state this correctly...

I want a registered user to be able to login into the forum once today, then not have to login when they visit the forum tomorrow or anytime within 30 days, then on the 31st day have to login again ( and they don't have to for the next 30 days), how would I do that?

Hopefully that is clear.
No one knows?
I suppose it can't be done.. right?
I believe you need to look into session expiration, I have no knowledge in this, but this sounds like something you're asking? It'd have to be custom coded, as far as I know there isn't a MyBB feature for it.