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Full Version: Malware notification on Plugin downloads
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I am getting several malware notifications when attempting to download several plugins.
for example:
Which AV do you have?
(2016-11-03, 08:59 PM)Neeeeeeeeeel.- Wrote: [ -> ]Which AV do you have?

Avira - Free Version
But it's Chrome that is blocking it I believe.
I use Chrome and it is not triggering any warning.
Avira has some options for "live web protection" or something similar... try disabling it. It's a false-positive for sure. Maybe because of "eval" function.
I tried replicating the issue with Chrome as well and it didn't cause any issues. Might be that i'm not a windows user.
I tested using Firefox and Chrome browsers, and have Malwarebytes AV and no trigger of any virus/malware.
Download successful.
The staff meticulously assess all plugins for malware before we allow them to go live as a download. Whilst we still encourage users to exercise caution just in case one slipped through, I strongly suspect that this is indeed a false positive. I cannot replicate the issue myself however will try later on my works laptop that has avira.

For your peace of mind, I have passed the link into our development team for assessment. Though I suspect they'll just confirm the above.
I've skimmed through the code and don't see anything immediately suspicious so I also think it's most likely a false positive.