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Full Version: search without keyword or username
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I want to search my forums without using a keyword or username...something like search X forum with Y prefixes, etc. If i try to do this i get an error
Quote:You did not enter any search terms. At a minimum, you must enter either some search terms or a username to search by.
On forumdisplay.php you can view threads with a specific prefix.
I see a forumdisplay file in the root, but when i go there via the browser, i get an invalid forum.
That would be because you need to have the parameter fid in the url with a valid forum.
so your talking about just the regular thread listing?
Yes I am.
example : (see this image)
sort options available at the bottom of the threads list
(2016-11-05, 01:57 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I am.

I am looking for a method to condense the information to retrieve only the threads i want, where thread listing shows them all, and you have to scan for them.

Quote:example : (see this image)

sort options available at the bottom of the threads list
I do not have this drop down box for sort by prefix in my forum. I never removed it either. I am assuming since its on the mybb forums then it must be default mybb.

(2016-11-05, 02:09 PM)metulburr Wrote: [ -> ]I do not have this drop down box for sort by prefix in my forum. 

Nevermind regarding this....i was searching a forum that was had no prefix options, other forums that do, have this sort option 

Thanks. Blush