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Full Version: Amazing forum but not responsive.
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I AM completely new. I learned about the existence of the Mybb open source forum because a website (i was surfing) and was using this forum software.

It's all amazing, all I seen also the registration process where you choose all necessary settings. I think this is missed by other open source (without mention the name) but... seems your default website and forum theme is not responsive.

Today many and many people use the smartphone to navigate on the Internet.
Do you have a link where I can find only responsive theme if there are?

Maybe I will test mybb in my server.
I love it but should be responsive. Also there are possibility to migrate for example from phpbb to mybb or I need to set my forum mybb from zero and loose existing post?

Thank you!
MyBB 2.0 will feature a responsive default theme.

For 1.8, you can use a theme from the mods site or write your own, whichever works best, MyBB is really easy to extend.

Yes, you can merge from phpBB to MyBB with the merge system.
Thank you @NickGHQ this is useful reply!
Thanks for taken time to reply to my post!