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Full Version: how to install MyAlerts Plugin?
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hello guys
can anyone tell me how to install MyAlerts plugin in my forum please?
it's 1.8 version
and in the file there is not any instruction there Sad
how to install it please?
see Installing Plugins guidance

basically plugin files are to be added to inc/plugins folder of MyBB files server.
if plugin consists of single php file then that is the simple method. but plugin might
consist of several files. in that case we have to follow folder structure of plugin pack.

if plugin files are located in a folder named Upload then its contents should be transferred
by following folder structure
. that Upload folder itself should not be transferred.

after adding the plugin files you have to visit admin panel >> configuration >> plugins
page to install & activate newly added plugin. then proceed to configuration >> settings
page to find the settings related to newly added plugin and setup the plugin settings.

youtube has some videos to help (you can search for MyBB plugins installation)

you can first install Plugin Uploader and then try using it for installing the other plugins
the plugin uploader is not supported for mybb version 1.8.8 Sad Sad