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Full Version: HELP!!! Can't access website. 522 error
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All of a sudden I cannot access my website I have contacted my host and this is what he said:

From what I can see, it looks like this issue is related to your website code.  I have checked the server, and the error logs are empty.

You're also not exceeding resources on the server at all.

As your site looks to be custom code, you would need to look into the site code to determine what the issue is that is causing the site not to load.

I haven't changed any code lately. The site was accessible last night. Any ideas would be appreciated.

All of a sudden back up now. No idea what happened........
It could be all sorts of things, check:
for future reference.
A 522 error occurs when a timeout error happens when Cloudflare tries to reach your server.

See this for more guidance: