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Full Version: [In dev] [VectorBox] - Material theme
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Screenshot isn't working. But you have shown me the image already, I think.
Fix image bro. Can't see
I am looking forward to seeing this image, even for me image is not loading Johnny.
image is not working .
After a month of inactivity i got few ideas for certain areas and i have decided to restart the development again:
index - /
profile -
After looking at previous WIPs above, i have decided (again) to restart this theme development and integrate MaterializeCSS in MyBB

preview (still working on grid layout for index, right click and view image):

[Image: Eo9VCkz.png]
Looks smart. The dark flat scheme is looking awesome. Especially, the thin icons. They look modern. :thumbsup:
I have made few edits to forum grid layout
Really liked it , but the footer is much big . Including Map on footer won't make the footer good .
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