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Full Version: Forum is in the Future..?
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Um.. yeah.. Exactly what my issue is.... My forum is literally running in the future:

No matter what I do, it jumps to a date way ahead:

How do I fix this?
what is current time shown (when you are logged in) ?
It doesn't show a "Current Time" anywhere

I viewed my profile to get this:

"Local Time: Sunday, November 13th, 2016 at 10:33 PM"
so current time is showing correct and you have problem with announcements date & time !

Edit: this topic is moved to bugs & issues !
I think so, correct.

I cleared all my cookies and tried different themes, and I get the same result. It thinks it's in the "future" and when I the time/date I sometimes get an error saying something about invalid date time could not post.

One time (happened about 4 times but I cannot get it to repeat anymore) the set year would display 1970 (when internet started with a base time)
^ similar issue (#) was reported recently. MyBB Team is checking the issue & it will be fixed ..
Alright, thanks!