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Full Version: New Forum Idea
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Well, after suggesting a few things in the Suggestions forum, I noticed people like to "brag" per se about how they run their board/forum or how they do this or that and not actually give constructive criticism on the Suggested feature; so I thought "Hey, these people love to show off how their management skills, and some of them are actually quite useful".

I reckon that a "Forum Management" forum would be great for those people who wish to share their knowledge and keep it off Suggestions threads.

It basically has the following function:

Tell others how you manage/run your forum and see if there is a better or easier way to do it.


Wrong part of the forum to post this? I apologize.
Oh you can not be serious...

You're the one getting miffed about people not listening to you, when, frankly, you could use their advice.

I'll just point out that I highly respect both Brad and Labarocca. They both know what it takes to build a successful forum in this day and age, and you'd do well to listen to them.