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Full Version: Postbit Usergroup Color Questions
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Hi all, so I'm wondering if something like this is possible with MyBB. I'm trying to convert a theme I designed originally for phpBB over to MyBB since my board's converting to MyBB soon.


I designed my threads to grab from the usergroup color, e.g. the rank title (White Moon) is the usergroup color, the username, played by ___, along with the gold mini hover effects. 

When I designed it originally, it grabbed the usergroup color so that it changed depending on the person's usergroup. So if someone was in the admin group, those effects would be teal, whereas someone in the White Moon would have those effects in gold, if that makes sense?


Now on my current MyBB theme for usergroup namestyle I have for the admin style:

Username style:
<span class="admin-color">{username}</span>

Username class:
 .admin-color {
	color: #55b8ca;

What would I have to do to accomplish this look for MyBB? I don't mind editing source files, I'd just like to redesign my theme for MyBB for my forum.

Thanks in advanced!
Don't follow what you're asking, you seem to have posted the solution to your own question already. You can style the group colours from ACP under users & groups.
What I'm asking is I'm looking to redesign what's shown in the images for MyBB. I haven't been able to accomplish this yet.
The postbit_classic template needs to be looked at.
I know what templates I need to edit, I don't need help with that.

What I don't know is the code that needs to be used to accomplish this. When I was on phpBB for instance in order to accomplish this, I would use something like:
<span style="background-color: {postrow.POST_AUTHOR_COLOUR};">Blah</span>

<span style="color: {postrow.POST_AUTHOR_COLOUR};">Blah</span>
But the Username style is different than phpBB's and MyBB doesn't have a specific section just for usergroup color, so I'm looking for a way to accomplish that with MyBB's Username style.
Go to ACP then click on users & groups, then groups on the left, Then click on one of the groups. You will see a section called username style.

Now take {username} and replace it with <span class="admin-color">{username}</span>

Then goto to global.css and add to the bottom

.admin-color {
color: #55b8ca;
I've already done that in my OP… Please read my OP again. 

Still looking for help with this!
I understand what you're trying to do now. You need to make class definitions based on a variable.

Have a look at postbit_groupimage template

The variable {$usergroup['image']} could be used in a solution for you

The various values of that are Registered, Administrator etc based on group, so you could use that to build css definitions

So basically you can use <span class="{$usergroup['image']}"></span> anywhere in postbit and then put in global.css all your group definitions

.Administrator {color:red}
.Registered {color:blue}