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Full Version: ABP Notice
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For some reason, I cannot get this plugin to work.

I am running 1.8.8
Me2 !!
Can anyone offer a proper MyCode?
Shame, it is a nice feature
Hello there,

how does it "not working" ? Can you explain a little more the trouble ?
I'll check my plugin again, to ensure I didn't mage any mistake.
In ACP -> Plugins there is no "Activate" or "Install & Activate"

However, if it does not need to be activated, this is still the result:
Well, there's a bug.
You'll have a working version soon, I think I forget something in my release Smile
Alright, I was not sure if it was a bug or if it was just broken
@Zaqre: can you try renamming the file inc/plugins/abpnotice.php into inc/plugins/nootice.php ?
I think I've sent a bad nammed file in my archive, silly me !
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