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Full Version: Simple CKEditor for MyBB
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It's a simple version of CKEditor plugin which support MyCode For MyBB.


Information Wrote:It is similar to

If you want an editor for your forum which has lots of feature, I suggest you to use,
But if you want to use a modern, safe and bug-free editor, I suggest you to use this plugin.

In this plugin I try to:
  • don't change CKEditor core, you can update version of ckeditor easily.

  • enhance bbcode plugin of CKEditor, I fix its bugs and add all of mycodes to it. (It doesn't support video tag now)

  • make it as simple as possible.
Thread approved.
Works in quickreply too?
(2016-11-23, 11:23 PM)Swagger Wrote: [ -> ]Works in quickreply too?
Is table creation available or not?
(2016-11-25, 04:27 AM)Dr_The_One Wrote: [ -> ]Is table creation available or not?

No, It isn't available.
Please add table creation in this editor.
Does this work on 1.6 version?
(2017-01-18, 02:28 AM)nh0zhuybmt Wrote: [ -> ]Does this work on 1.6 version?