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Full Version: See all topics in X forum
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I want to see all topics into 1 page from X forum(x = any forum)
I'm not sure if what you are asking for is possible (which it may be with some moderation to the .php files in your FTP client) but a simpler way to somewhat fix this would be to edit how many threads show on one page.

You could probably put in 50,000 or more and then they would all end up on one page. You can do this by going to:
Admin CP --> Configuration --> Settings --> Forum Display Options --> Threads Per Page and enter a number you please.

However, it will likely create issues with slow loading and other things.
As Nicole said, you can set the limit in the ACP for the amount of threads to show per page. This is not ideal and could cause performance issues and slow down load times in terms of the amount of content your bringing forward such as like 5000 threads at a time.