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Full Version: force all users to reset password
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Is there a plugin to reset all passwords all users, admins/ mods, users ,etc.
there was a missing file, but i guess they named it wrong??
i keep getting the error upon activating....
/inc/languages/english/admin/forcepwchange.lang.php does not exist
but if i copy the existing file in that directory over to that name, when i go to actually click change password,
i get this error after renaming the file when clicking the new link in ACP to for password changes...
/inc/languages/english/admin/forcepwchange_admin.lang.php does not exist

my fix was just to copy the existing file in admin to the one missing in the first place. It works after that....but that is surely a flaw in their plugin......or that is how it was in 1.6.5

Im not sure why this is not in mybb core. If you were hacked, and was fixing your forum, one of the things to do is force everyone to change their password.
At one point the code was changed where if you are in the admin directory, it loads from there and doesn't try going up one level.
ahh ok.

yeah well after doing that it seems to work in 1.8 as for actually changing the passwords....but the notification message doesnt show up alerting of the problem within user cp's change password template for some reason even though it does it in the code

function forcepwchange_activate() {
    global $db, $lang; 


    $insert_array = array(
            'title' => 'forcepw_alert',
            'template' => $db->escape_string("<div class=\"error\"><p><em>{$lang-                        >forcepwchange_user_message}</em></p></div><br>"),
            'sid' => '-1',
            'version' => '',
            'dateline' => TIME_NOW
like i see the div section, there is no text in it. the lang file is correct, so i am not sure why there is no text there.
that would be awesome thanks. Im finding users complaining about conflicting messages regarding the non-updated version.
ill uninstall the old one and insert this new one ....thanks!!!!
Questions since that plugin is fresh in your mind....the plugin by default left the person on change password, instead of redirecting them after a successful password change, and i guess that is what was confusing people. Does the updated one redirect to base url after success? Or how easy would it be to add that? because our forum has no friendly redirect to confirm
No, it doesn't. But I can make it either show a success message or make them redirect to base URL.
Quote:make them redirect to base URL.
that would be perfect. I had some users who assumed that just because it stayed on the change password page afterwords that it didnt work. (and we have the inline popup message that tells them it is successful)
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