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Full Version: some plugins dont work after change config
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i changed the admin directory in /inc/config.php and afterwords some plugins no longer run. Now even changing it back to admin, the plugin no longer works.

one specific one i am pertaining to is this
Can you be more specific as to what way they don't work? Changing the admin folder won't have any effect on a plugin running on the front end.
Quote:Can you be more specific as to what way they don't work?

the info that use to show up in the profile no longer shows up. It almost looks like the plugin is turned off, but its on.
Have you deactivated it and reactivated it? Are the template edits still applied?
i deactivated and reactivated, uninstalled, reinstalled, reactvated etc. I didnt think to check the templates.......

member profile
<title>{$mybb->settings['bbname']} - {$lang->profile}</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/report.js?ver=1804"></script>
	<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
			<td width="75%">
				<span class="largetext"><strong>{$formattedname}</strong></span><br />
				<span class="smalltext">
					({$usertitle})<br />
					{$userstars}<br />
					<br />
					<strong>{$lang->registration_date}</strong> {$memregdate}<br /><strong>Group Memberships</strong>: <strong>{$pmy_group}</strong>{$sec_groups}<br />
					<strong>{$lang->date_of_birth}</strong> {$membday} {$membdayage}<br />
					<strong>{$lang->local_time}</strong> {$localtime}<br />
					<strong>{$lang->postbit_status}</strong> {$online_status}
			<td width="25%" align="right" valign="middle">{$avatar}</td>
<br />
<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" align="center">
		<td width="50%" valign="top">
			<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}" cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}" class="tborder">
					<td colspan="2" class="thead"><strong>{$lang->users_forum_info}</strong></td>
					<td class="trow1" style="width: 30%;"><strong>{$lang->joined}</strong></td>
					<td class="trow1">{$memregdate}</td>
					<td class="trow2"><strong>{$lang->lastvisit}</strong></td>
					<td class="trow2">{$memlastvisitdate}</td>
					<td class="trow1"><strong>{$lang->total_posts}</strong></td>
					<td class="trow1">{$memprofile['postnum']} ({$lang->ppd_percent_total}){$findposts}</td>
					<td class="trow2"><strong>{$lang->total_threads}</strong></td>
					<td class="trow2">{$memprofile['threadnum']} ({$lang->tpd_percent_total}){$findthreads}</td>
					<td class="trow1"><strong>{$lang->timeonline}</strong></td>
					<td class="trow1">{$timeonline}</td>

		<td width="50%" valign="top">

			<div style="text-align: center">{$buddy_options}{$ignore_options}{$report_options}</div>
But i dont remember having to manually insert any variable into the templates for that plugin.
The template it edits is member_profile_adminoptions, should add {$advInfo} after </table>
whoops wrong template


<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}" cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}" width="100%" class="tborder">
<td colspan="2" class="thead"><strong>{$lang->admin_options}</strong></td>
<td class="trow1">
<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/{$admin_dir}/index.php?module=user-users&amp;action=edit&amp;uid={$uid}">{$lang->admin_edit_in_acp}</a></li>
<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/{$admin_dir}/index.php?module=user-banning&amp;uid={$uid}">{$lang->admin_ban_in_acp}</a></li>
<br />
ahh i think its starting to click how to navigate things

	find_replace_templatesets('member_profile_adminoptions', '#</table>#', '</table>{$advInfo}');

but yeah its there.
Do these admin options show up on the profiles? As in the default section in the template above, is that still showing?
Quote:Do these admin options show up on the profiles? 
no, nor does the geo

Quote:As in the default section in the template above, is that still showing?
i can view the profile if that is hat you mean. I can see the mod options, but the admin options for this plugin and the geo location spot are gone. by gone i mean nothing showing.
But the default options to edit and ban in the ACP do still show?

Do other plugins work? You haven't enabled the option to disable all plugins have you?
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