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Full Version: Formated output from profile field?
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I need a help - we use a custom profile field (MyBB default feature) - every user can check multiple items (I use check boxes).

However, when I wanna show these informationĀ it in postbit for example, the text formate is missing, no <li></li>; everything is on the same lane together. Is there any way how to make them formated as they are when they are shown in member profile?

Thank you very much!

My setting for custom profile field:

Output when I useĀ {$post['fidX']}:

I would like to show one number (one line) on a separate line, same way how it should be shown when it is shown in profile. Somehow add br or <li> tag?

Thank you very much!
Anyone, please?
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If this is the same question we were talking about via PM, then I didn't understand what you needed help with before.

In postbit use: