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Full Version: Help with mybb default upload file
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So earlier today, I accidentally removed the default file called "upload" on filezilla in public. The file is important because it kept the avatars of users on my forum. Is there anyway to restore it or get the default file from some where? Without it, I kept upload any images not sure what else.
Contact you host to see if they have a backup of that file. Most hosts always back up your files

If you need the default file, just redownload MyBB and transfer only the uploads file to your root.
Oh alright, thank you for the support!
(2016-11-28, 07:21 AM)wxradar12 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh alright, thank you for the support!

No problem. MyBB won't be able to assist you with your files, so just letting you know to not expect any replies to get your old folder back. Contact your host and if they didn't back it up, looks like you have to upload the default folder. Good luck